Palermo Airport Informational Guide to Falcone Borsellino Airport (PMO) - Non official

Palermo Airport Train

At Palermo Airport, passengers can take the train to get to Palermo city centre, among other destinations. Get to city centre in just 34 minutes. 
It is a great option to move around as you can take the train already in the Airport and stops in Palermo Centrale. So it is a comfortable option if you carry some luggage with you but prefer not to take a taxi. 

train line palermo airport

There are two lines available to and from Palermo Airport, which differ in travel time.

Genio Express and Regional train options are available. With Genio Express passengers can expect to get to Palermo Centrale from the Airport in just 34 minutes. With Regional train, travel time gets to 55 minutes. 
The difference in time is due that Genio Express train does not stop at any station. 
In the other hand, Regional train make stops along the way. 

There are more Regional train options that Genio Express trains so we recommend to plan your travel transfer by train in advance. You can also book your ticket in advance through their website, if you prefer to do so. 


- First train leaves Palermo Central at 4.00. Punta Raisi at 5.20.
- Last train leaves Palermo Central at 22.12 and Punta Raisi at 0.25. 

There are two trains per hour in both directions and operates 365 days of the year. 

Find more information here.


One way ticket starts at 6,50€. 
This is independent of the train you chose, both trains start at the same fare. 

Check the discounts available for families and others on the website. 
Find more information here. 

train station location

Passengers will find the train station located at the basement of the Terminal in Palermo Airport. 

You can find more information about the routes, the schedules and the tickets of the different services at Trenitalia website.